The Refined Life Group is a Collective of Digital Niche Content Brands

founded by Digital Creator & Entrepreneur Liz Huber.

Our Mission

We live in a world where the flow of information is limitless yet wisdom is scarce. Anyone can create and distribute content on the internet but it's rare that information is presented in a way that facilitates true transformation. Yet, education is still the key to help people live a better life...which makes the online education industry one of the most powerful forces for positive change at scale.

But the way we consume information needs to change. And that change starts with the people creating content and distributing information.

At the Refined Life Group, we are committed to creating only highly valuable, relevant, and specific educational content that focuses on timeliness principles instead of trends, teaches complete systems instead of random hacks, and is based on a deep understanding and personal mastery of the subject.

Each of our websites focuses on a specific niche and educational value proposition so that we can help our audiences achieve their learning goals in the most effective way without creating more unnecessary noise and distraction in their lives.

Many self-development organizations focus on creating elaborate immersive experiences like workshops, seminars, events, and accountability programs which are not only inaccessible for most of the population but also often fail to create long-lasting change after the program has ended. At Refined Life Group, we provide transformational self-study materials that the student can complete on their own time. That way, the student is empowered to think for themselves and integrate the information into their lives in the way that works best for them personally, and through that achieves true long-lasting change. After all, the best teacher and motivational speaker can't help those who are not willing to learn and implement the information into their lives.

The following Niche Content Brands are currently in our portfolio: The Confident Coach Club, The Focused and MindCoCoon.

You seek too much information and not enough transformation.

- Sai Baba

Portfolio Brands

Niche: Coaching

The Confident Coach Club

The Confident Coach Club helps new coaches start and grow their business with online trainings, practical podcast episodes, templates and tools.

Learning Goals: find your niche, package your services, launch your website, create a consistent flow of new clients, close leads on sales calls, create content that attracts your ideal client, organize your coaching business.

Operating since 2019.

Niche: Productivity

The Focused

The Focused helps busy people get clear on what matters most to them, stay focused on their top priority goals and streamline everything else to gain back valuable time and energy.

Learning Goals: get clear on your goals and priorities, plan your day & week, optimize your time, manage your energy, streamline your life and work with systems, processes and tools.

Operating since 2017 (previously under

Niche: Mindset


MindCoCoon helps people identify, understand and release the mental and emotional blocks holding them back from living the life of their dreams.

Learning Goals: discover your authentic self, get clear on your true desires, release your limiting beliefs, increase self-love and self-worth, integrate shadow aspects, heal emotional wounds.

Operating since 2021.

About Liz Huber

Liz Huber is a Digital Creator & Entrepreneur, and Founder of the Refined Life Group.

She is best known for her Medium articles (over 2 Million Views), hosting The Confident Coach Club Podcast and her work as a Mindset & Productivity Coach.

After coaching over 147 people on productivity, mindset and business and doing a total of 437 coaching sessions, Liz quit the coaching world in 2019 to focus exclusively on what she does best: writing, creating online courses and building digital niche content brands for the Refined Life Group.

You can learn more about Liz and get in touch with her on her personal website.

Virtual Internship Program

Since the pandemic in 2020, the Refined Life Group runs a virtual internship program for students and fresh graduates from all over the world. The program lasts for 6 to 12 weeks and offers participants the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and remote working skills. So far, over 10 interns have successfully completed the program.

All interns are involved in different areas of the company like marketing, content creation, product development, and human resources. The program is designed to teach interns the soft skills they need to succeed in today's workplace including remote working skills, project management, career planning and management, self-organization, team communication, self-confidence, personal branding, and leadership.

The Refined Life Group is accepting internship application from all over the world. We are hiring interns continuously throughout the year.